Your journey
to a healthier you.

I’m here for women who are afraid to turn the page for the next chapter in their lives, to give them hope, restore their health, and bring life back into their story. 

In the works

Here are some of the programs that we have in the works at Feeding Fertility:

Feeding Fertility Journal

The guide to your journey towards a healthier baby

Healthy Dot

Taking a look at women’s cycle overall health and well-being

Coming Soon

Comprehensive Coaching and
6 Week Course

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Meet Dr. Tiffany

Dr. Tiffany Leonida, DC CACCP R-YFT 200

Hi I’m Tiffany! I welcome you to Feeding Fertility. I’m a holistic chiropractor specializing in holistic women’s health, hormones, pregnancy and fertility. I’m also the author of Feeding Fertility: For a Healthier Baby, a journal designed to help women walking through fertility challenges. I’m a mom to two beautiful girls, a wife, and a certified yoga instructor with YogaFaith.