Comprehensive Coaching

Full Consultation, history, DUTCH testing, Bloodwork from local provider to include Hemoglobin A1C, Vit D and full thyroid panel.

Education and understanding of your individual fertility challenges.

Individualized treatment to include holistic and herbal recommendations, coaching for 1 hour per week on lifestyle change and mindset, as well as cycle coaching with a focus on healthy ovulation.

6 Week Course

1. What is normal? What does a healthy cycle look like? Primary goal is to have healthy ovulation. How do we keep track?

2. Where is my heart? How am I creating a space for a baby or for healing? How do I find rest in a fast-paced world?

3. Understanding how fertility problems are actually ecosystem issues. What are potential causes of menstrual problems? Digestion, adrenals, insulin, thyroid? What labs to order to find out what is the primary cause of your fertility challenges.

4. Discerning a medical issue v. an ecosystem issue and best course of treatment

5. How can we fix our problem? Here are the basics- that you can do for foundational fertility health (before an individualized assessment and herbal and holistic recommendations in comprehensive coaching).

6. Advanced techniques following 1st 120 days


• My favorite foundational supplements that support a healthy ecosystem
• What labs can you order to assess your own hormone/fertility health and ecosystem?
• Recipes
• Yoga poses/positions for detoxification and hormone health